Conditions of participation

18th International EBHC Symposium 2023 Integrating evidence for enhanced outcomes
October 9-10, 2023 | hybrid format

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  1. Variants of participation in the Symposium
    • 2 days
    • 2 days + gala dinner
    • fee free opening session on October 9th only
    • fee free online participation
  2. Fee participation in the Symposium includes:
    • personal participation in scientific sessions
    • conference materials
    • coffee breaks
    • lunch
    • all components of the free participation
    The price does not include accommodation.
  3. The cost of participation for one person depends on the scope of participation and the nature of participation (details in the Price table).
Price table
nett prices (23% VAT)
Private sector Public institutions‚ NGOs‚
students and PhD students
personal participation* (2 dni)283 Euro70 Euro
gala dinner**43 Euro35 Euro
fee free online participation0 Euro0 Euro
personal participation in fee free opening session*0 Euro0 Euro

* Registration for personal participation until October 5, 2023.
** Registration for gala dinner only with fee personal participation
*** Gala dinner is fi nanced entirely from the donations given by the Symposium participants.

The non-lecture (entertainment) part of the program will not be financed from funds provided by members of POLMED or MedTech Poland.

  1. The following participants are entitled to discounted fee
    • representatives of public institutions and NGOs: presentation of a certificate on request
    • students and doctoral students: based on presentation of a student ID
  2. Applications for personal participation can be made via:
  3. Payment should be made within 7 days following acceptance of declaration (no later than 5 working days before commencement of the Symposium) to the following account:
    Bank PKO S.A O/Kraków
    97 1240 4689 1111 0000 5142 0745
    Swift code: PKOPPLPW
    Payment title: „EBHC Symposium 2023” + invoice ID
  4. Cancellation: If participation is cancelled no later than September 30th, 2023, the cost of cancellation will be 50% of the fee; after that day the fee will not be returned.
  5. Free participation in the Symposium includes:
    • online participation in sessions
    • online access to conference materials
    • text chat for asking questions
    • chat with other participants
    • access to session recordings
  6. Due to its special educational value, admission to the opening session is fee free. In this way, we want to encourage those who cannot attend the entire Symposium.
  7. We provide simultaneous Polish and English translation.
  8. Applications for online participation can be made via:
  9. The terms of use of the streaming portal are set out in the portal’s regulations - available at:
  10. Detailed conditions for participation in the EBHC Symposium are contained in the EBHC Symposium Regulations - available at:
  11. The organises are not liable for transmission problems resulting from the Participants’ connection speed.
  12. The organisers reserve the right to change the Symposium programme.


Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow

In 2023, we organized a Symposium on Kosciuszko Mound – a unique place, associated with the history of Krakow for 200 years. The symposium was held in a conference space built in the fort's courtyard under a glass roof. The catering space was located in the fort buildings.

The venue of the EBHC 2023 Symposium is a conference and event center where conferences are systematically held and has conference facilities enabling the exchange of scientific and medical information and the transfer of knowledge. The property does not have any recreational facilities. As part of the EBHC Symposium, conference organizers and participants didn't have access to any tourist facilities and attractions. It is a separate conference center with a separate entrance, separated from the tourist attraction (Kościuszki Mound).

Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow, Kraków, al. Waszyngtona 1


18th International EBHC Symposium 2023 Integrating evidence for enhanced outcomes
October 9-10, 2023 | hybrid format
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