October 5-6, 2020 | Krakow, Poland, Park Inn hotel

From Evidenceto ACTION

15. International Symposium 
      Evidence-Based Health Care


Magdalena Władysiuk
Magdalena Władysiuk

From Evidence to ACTION

We heartily invite you to take part in 15. edition of our International Evidence-Based Health Care Symposium which will be held in Cracow on October 5-6, 2020.

Over the years, members of CEESTAHC have created hundreds of papers: analyses, recommendations, guidelines and reports. In theory, we have developed and disseminated thousands of pages of useful knowledge which may improve the effectiveness of the Polish healthcare system. Unfortunately, practically only a fraction of this knowledge has been applied in real actions aimed at improving the situation.Only ideas which face favourable circumstances have a chance to succeed. The question is, is this how it is supposed to be?

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Evidence is like... a mycelium

The ever growing collection of data (Evidence) is like a mycelium which covers an entire forest – it remains virtually invisible and the desired effects spring up like mushrooms only in specific places and conditions. These external manifestations of that mycelium’s life are our Actions undertaken within the healthcare system: health programmes, system reforms, implementation of solutions.

Over the course of several years of working on solution optimisation, we have learned that the hardest stage of implementing any innovation within a large system is putting ideas into action. Transferring results of analyses and solution proposals to decision makers and then to the people who will be implementing them requires no less effort than the entire process of research and analysis. Insufficient effort put into promoting specific solutions, lack of ideas on how to communicate or poor communication can delay practical application of scientific work for many years, if not ruin the chance of putting an innovation to use altogether.

We encourage you to discuss the possible ways to accelerate the Action, so that the extensive mycelium of our Evidence becomes useful beyond the specialised scientific publications. We believe that our cumulated knowledge, when applied properly, can greatly improve healthcare. Let’s meet at the 15th EBHC Symposium to fastest the action from Evidence to Action.


Widok na hotel Park Inn o zachodzie słońca.

Park Inn hotel

Venue: Park Inn hotel, Krakow, Monte Cassino 2


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